Apple TV User Guide And Complete Tutorial

Apple TV User Guide

Apple TV User Guide – For anyone who is unfamiliar with Apple TV, it is simply a digital media player set top box. This device is a powerful addition to any entertainment center, and it just keeps getting better. It is incredibly advantageous to anyone who owns an Apple device, but it also benefits individuals using other brands devices. It provides a user with access to great video and sound quality. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface and direct access to the iTunes Store. It also gives access to a large selection of Apps available directly through Apple TV, such as YouTube, NHL Sunday Ticket, Netflix, Vimeo, and even Hulu Plus. Let us take a closer look at some key features one can derive from owning an Apple-TV. We shall also look at its history, what tvOS is, and so much more. Let’s get to it.

Apple TV History

1st Generation

Apple previewed iTV in September 2006. The name was later changed to Apple-TV because the British broadcast network ITV holds the rights to the name in the United Kingdom and would defend their brand and reputation against Apple. Apple-TV was officially announced at the Macworld conference alongside their very first iPhone on January 2007. This is the same time that they re-branded from Apple-Computers to Apple-Inc. After their formal announcement, the company began taking pre-orders and had logged more than 100,000 reservations by end of February.

In March 2007, they launched their first 40GB Apple-TV. Later on in May 2007 they launched a 160 GB version. In October 2008, a software upgrade was announced which allowed the device to stream content without the need to connect it to a computer. It also allowed users to rent films on iTunes Store directly from their television.

2nd Generation

In September 2010, the second generation was launched. This new model comprised of an 8 GB internal flash storage, enough storage space for buffering. Thanks to this feature, all media was now streamed instead of synced. December 2011, Apple planned to release a 37-inch television in 2012. Biographer Walter Isaacson published that Jobs had confirmed that he had cracked the problem of building a television shortly before his death in October 2011.

3rd Generation

The third version of Apple TV was released in March 2012. It was confirmed in May 2012 that 2.7 million third-generation units had been sold. January 2014 saw this company file for a patent for an Apple-TV remote which has an inbuilt Touch ID sensor that allowed users to use their bio-metric data to input their television password. Data could be supplied through retinal, facial images, toe or hand print, palm, gesture patterns, and voice samples. By March 2015, it was revealed that Apple had sold a total of 25 million Apple-TVs.

4th Generation

In September 2015, fourth generation model was launched. This model is slightly taller in size and uses up-to-date technology for operation. It features a new touch remote that allows a user to swipe-to-select as opposed to the old remote’s arrow button. This model has Siri support and is inclusive of an inbuilt microphone and an accelerometer (IMU). 4th generation uses a new operating system called tvOS. It allows users to download content from third-party apps for games, music, video, and other content.

What is tvOS?

tvOS as mentioned above is the newest of Apple’s operating systems. It is technically based on iOS that is found on iPhones and iPads but has a more optimized interface for better home setup. Some new features include a new dark mode to better match home theater setups or darkened rooms at night. A user is able to select from either “dark mode” or “white appearance” for a better viewing experience.

tvOS 10 (the latest version) is also includes ReplayKit which allows users to record and live stream games. You no longer need Siri Remote as tvOS10 can support up to four gamepads. Other incredible features found on tvOS10 include a better performing and capable Siri. It also has a tvOS-10 HomeKit which provides a consistent and secure voice-activated way for your accessories to be coordinated and controlled. The tvOS-10 photos now include memories, a single sign-on feature, tvOS10 music, Apps, remote app+ continuity keyboard, and a tvOS10 miscellany that can be updated on to server side any time.

The Main Feature of Apple TV

Fourth generation Apple TV offers incredible features that make your television experience that much better. This new set-top box is thicker and taller than previous models and is inclusive of a digital audio out-port, a single High Definition Media Interface port, Ethernet port, a USB-C service port, and a power cable. Let’s take a closer look at some main features of Apple TV


This new model comprises of advanced hardware that houses a 64-bit A8 processor, 2 GB RAM, WiFi 802.11 ac, and a 32 GB or 64GB storage. tvOS apps use on-demand resources to keep your local file size as small as possible. This means that a user will be able to install more apps or games without having to worry about their 32 GB or 64 GB storage space been swallowed up.

Siri Remote

This newly designed Siri Remote has been updated to include not only the past common features such as same Menu and Play/Pause buttons but it now houses a Home button that allows a user to return to main screen. Other features include volume controls, a touchpad, and an embedded click. It is designed to navigate through Apple’s TV’s interface, apps, as well as its keyboard.

Third-party controllers and accessories

Universal remotes are compatible to this new digital media player as do third-party Made For iPhone (MFi) game controllers. You’ll also be able to connect Bluetooth headphones to your device as well as Bluetooth keyboards for enhanced typing experience. You’ll be able to connect a maximum of two Bluetooth devices at any one time. When specific apps support them, you’ll be able to connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch – which you can also use as supplementary controllers.


This fourth-generation digital media player is powered by tvOS. tvOS’s interface comes in an off-white color, big rectangular colorful icons which shimmer slightly when you hover over them. Your device comes inclusive of these following apps:

Apple TV Apps Apple TV Apps
iTunes Movies Photos
iTunes TV Shows Music
The App Store Search
Computers Settings

Apple TV User Guide

The Apple TV user manual is incredibly useful as it contains useful information a person needs to properly set up their digital media player. This instructional manual can be downloaded online for free. It shows a user how to set up and get started using their Apple TV and how to use Siri Remote. It also has a detailed section regarding common problems and how to fix them. Here, you’ll find detailed FAQ’s that will guide you in case you hit a snag while using your device.

Apple TV Setup Guide

Here, we have listed a step-by-step guide of Apple TV instructions to help a customer get started.

What you’ll need:

  1. An Apple TV 4th generation
  2. Access to the internet
  3. Television or any other display that has a HDMI port
  4. HDMI cable

Step 1: Connect your digital media player into power. For anyone planning to use Ethernet, connect your device to your router using your Ethernet cable

Step 2: Connect the Apple-TV to your television, switch-box or AV receiver using the HDMI cable.

Step 3: Turn on your television (and switch-box or receiver) to find the setup screen.

Step 4: Connect your remote. Simply press the Touch surface of your remote. If remote won’t connect, press and hold Menu and Volume Up buttons for five seconds. If a message pops up alerting that you’re not close enough, try placing remote on top of your Apple TV and operate it from there.

Step 5: select language. Swipe Touch surface of remote to locate language and country/ region. Simply click on Touch surface to select appropriate option. If you select wrong language, press Menu button to return to previous screen and try again. When prompted, choose whether to use Siri or not.

NOTE: If at any time you wish to start over, disconnect your device from power then connect it back to restart.

Step 6: Set Up Using Device – this option transfers settings from iOS device to Apple TV such as your login information for iCloud, Game Center, Wi-Fi, and iTunes. Simply follow the onscreen steps to finish up setup.

Set Up Manually – this option allows a user to input their login information using onscreen keyboard and remote. You’ll need to choose your Wi-Fi network and enter password (skip this step when using Ethernet). Wait for your device to activate and sign in using your Apple ID (you can select ‘skip this step’). When prompted, select a device to send an ID verification code to after which you can input sent code onto your AppleTV. Finish onscreen steps to finish setup.

When setup is complete, a user will be able to open their App Store from their Home Screen to find and download apps such as Netflix, NBA, HBO, Hulu, DirecTV Now, and so much more!


Apple-TV has gone beyond our wildest expectations. Inclusive of an incredible game pad, this has to be one of its best accessories as of yet. Its thicker and larger screen provides the ultimate viewing experience. And finally all those apps! This model is inclusive of very many apps that ensure a user gets the most out of their device. If you have any queries regarding this media player, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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