How to Access tvOS Hidden Advanced Settings Menu on Apple TV

How to Access tvOS Hidden Advanced Settings Menu on Apple TV


Before this tutorial, we have all steps you need to do to set up Apple TV screensaver with photos from your computer. Now, we are going to discuss about how to access tvOS hidden advanced settings menu. Apple TV is designed to offer straightforward, easy-to-use settings and also a clean and simple user interface. In fact, Apple TV 4 has a hidden Advanced Settings section which contains some interesting Apple employee-centric features. Thankfully, although it is a hidden Advanced Settings menu, but accessing the hidden menu is remarkably easy to do, and you just need a paired Siri remote to get going.

Revealing the hidden ‘Advanced Settings’ menu brings you to an AppleConnect login option, a menu pertaining to loading a VPN Profile, Sleep Delay settings and more. generally, most users won’t really care about it, and we are not asking you to make a change to any of these. It is just interesting to know it is there. So, don’t miss this appealing tutorial.

How to Access Your tvOS Advanced Settings Menu

Accessing the Advanced Settings menu requires several steps below:

  1. Click Settings from the Home screen on your Apple TV.
  2. Click on System menu, beneath the Network menu.
  3. Click on Software Updates on the available menu.
  4. Click the Play/Pause button on the Siri Remote four times in quick succession.
  5. Click the Advanced Settings menu that appears beneath Automatically Update.

The Hidden Advanced Settings Menu Appearance

Finally, the hidden Advanced Settings is revealed on your Apple TV screen. you will see some appearance as follow:
Use AppleConnect: Off
Apple ID:
Asset Server URL:
Brain Server URL:
Periodic Check Interval (s): 518400
Sleep Delay (s): 7200
Slow Update Timeout (s): 3600
MobileAsset Logging: Off

Some of them may be specific to your locale or device. Therefore, if you want to make a change to any of the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu, we recommend you to take a screenshot for the entire screen to ensure that you can restore all values on the Advanced Settings like the way it should be. The appearance of the hidden Advanced Settings will disappear as soon as you exit the screen. If you want to display the menu item again, simply press the Play/Pause button 4 times in quick succession on the Software Updates screen.

What is Apple TV 4 Advanced Settings?

Apple TV4 Advanced Settings is not something that users should worry about. They don’t even need to care about it because it is not intended for use by customers. Everything in the ‘Advanced Settings’ menu is designed for Apple Store employees and other technical support professionals. But it is not impossible for users to alter these settings. If you accidentally or in purpose change any value of these settings, we recommend to stick with the defaults. Although altering any of these settings won’t permanently damage your Apple TV. You can just reset your Apple TV to factory settings in the worst case. That is why we recommend you to take a screenshot to the entirely screen before you alter anything on it. for instant, you can also restore most of these settings to the defaults just by pressing the Play/Pause button while the field is highlighted.

Other Apple TV 4 Secret Menus

The Advanced Settings menu is not the only one hidden functionality on Apple TV that we can reveal. If you dig more, you will find a few more hidden features, and there’s probably even more. The key to displaying these hidden items on your Apple TV 4 is pressing the Play/Pause button four times in quick succession. Here in this section, we’re going to show you the other secret menu on Applet TV 4. You must be familiar with a retail demo mode on Apple TV 4. Retail demo mode is a feature which is intended to provide an in-store demonstration for customers. Apple offers two demo mode on Apple TV 4: Apple Store and Channel.

The retail demo mode can be enabled by launching the Settings app and clicking on General. Then continue with for times tap with quick succession on the Play/Pause button. A screen will appear, prompting you to select Apple Store or Channel as the demo mode. Both Apple Store and Channel demo modes will disable many of the menu options and disable app installation, ensuring that customers can’t fiddle with the in-store display model. This demo mode might actually be useful if you have guests that fiddle with your home electronics. Demo mode allows you to configure a custom screensaver URL. The use of this feature by retail outlets is to brand or promote Apple TV or other products while the device is idle. The default screensaver for Demo Mode will display Apple’s marketing video in a loop. If you want this screensaver to replace your existing one, it may take a few minutes, as the content needs to be downloaded.

This feature is also can be used to restrict video playback duration, to ensure that customers cannot ‘hog’ the display model. You can also use this feature to limit viewing time for children. Don’t forget to click on Apply Changes to launch demo mode or turn it off. Demo Mode won’t affect Home screen layout and installed apps. This configuration only prevents app installation and changes to settings, while providing a mechanism for custom screensavers. While diagnostics mode is for use by Apple employees only. Activating this mode requires a support ticket number. You must enter a verified valid number before running the diagnostics. Diagnostics mode can be launched by accessing Settings > General > About and tapping the Play/Pause button four times. Without a valid support ticket number, you won’t be able to do much with this screen.

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