How to Adjust Siri Remote’s Touch Surface Sensitivity

How to Adjust Siri Remote’s Touch Surface Sensitivity

The latest Apple TV 4 comes with Siri Remote / Apple TV Remote. The new Apple TV Remote has dedicated trackpad-like area, officially referred to as the Touch surface. This Touch surface allow you to swipe left, right, up or down on it to navigate the interface, and even much more you can do with this Touch surface. The Touch surface default tracking speed on Apple Remote is medium, but the Touch surface sensitivity is customizable so you can modify from medium to fast or fast to slow as you want it to be.

How to Adjust Touch Surface Sensitivity on Apple Remote

  1. Start from the Home screen, go to Settings app on your TV screen.
  2. Select Remote and Devices option appear between AirPlay and Apps
  3. Highlight your choice to Touch Surface Tracking
  4. Three speed options will appear on your TV screen: fast, medium and slow.
  5. Choose one of Touch Surface Tracking options you want to apply by swiping up or down on your Apple Remote.

That?s it. you are now applying new speed of your Apple Remote?s Touch surface. Your Siri Remote should automatically pair to your device when you first plug in your 4th generation Apple TV, allowing you to start the setup process. If your Siri Remote?s battery dies or you need to pain a new remote, you need to re-pair your Siri Remote.

How to Pair a Siri Remote to Apple TV

You can use your Siri Remote to control whether your TV or receiver after your paired it to your Apple TV. This is what makes it work for all control options. When you first click a button on your Siri Remote, there will appear a dialog box pops up in the upper right corner of your TV screen. The dialog box probably says Remote Paired, which means you should be able to use your Siri Remote, or Pairing Remote and request you to move your Siri Remote closer to the Apple TV. If you want to pair a new Siri Remote – such as Siri Remote, it is important for you to know that you can?t currently pair two simultaneous Siri Remotes to the same Apple TV. Therefore, if you currently have a Siri Remote connected to your Apple TV and you want to pair the new one, you will have to reset it or move it out of Bluetooth range before you can pair a new remote.

How to Reset your Siri Remote

These steps below are needed if you want to reset your Siri Remote when it is out of battery, misbehaving, or you want to move it to a new Apple TV. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Menu and Volume Up button at the same time.
  2. Hold on those buttons for about2-3 seconds.
  3. Your Siri Remote should reset and return to pairing mode.

How to Pair an Older Apple TV Remote

If you have an older Apple TV remote that you want to pair with a 3rd generation Apple TV, we would like to help you in this tutorial. But you have to keep in mind that you can?t officially pair a 3rd generation Apple TV remote with a 4th generation Apple TV. Well, follow the steps below to pair your older Apple TV Remote:

  1. Select the Settings app on your 3rd generation Apple TV with your current remote.
  2. Select General, then choose Remote menu.
  3. Click on Pair Remote with the new silver remote you?d like to pair.
  4. A small remote icon will appear in the upper left showing the pairing progress. Once you are finished, the Pair Remote will turn into Unpair Remote. It means that your older remote is successfully paired to your 3rd generation Apple TV.

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