How to Play Amazon Instant Video on Apple TV

How to Play Amazon Instant Video on Apple TV


Previously, we have discussed about how to check battery level of Siri Remote, now we’ll see what we need to do to play amazon instant video on Apple TV. Amazon Instant Video offers television shows and films for rental or purchase and as part of Amazon’s Prime subscription, selected titles can be viewed exclusively to full Prime or Prime Video members, in which Video membership allows viewing without full Prime. Amazon offers one of the largest selections of video content, featuring almost over 140,000 movies and tv shows to rent or buy. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have a content channel for Apple TV because it is one of the few devices that doesn’t support Amazon Instant Video.

If you are one of Amazon Prime subscribers, the Amazon Video app for iOS allows you to beam video onto Apple TV using AirPlay. It is because AirPlay is disabled for free videos, so if you don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime Video then you are not allowed to do that.

How to Beam Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV using AirPlay

If you want to beam Amazon Prime Video to your Apple TV, you need to prepare these: The Amazon Video app, an iPhone or iPad, and an Apple TV. Well, if you are Amazon Prime subscriber, follow the following steps to beam Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV using AirPlay:

  1. First, search for the Amazon Video app on the App Store.
  2. Download and install Amazon Video app.
  3. Tap on the Open button to launch the Amazon Video app after it has finished installing.
  4. Next, enter your password and mobile phone number or email address. Tap the Sign in button to proceed.
  5. You will see The Amazon Video home screen. Tap on a TV show or movie to select it
  6. The video details screen is now displayed. Select an episode or tap watch Episode 1 to start the video.
  7. You will see the video playback screen will appear and the episode will begin playing. Tap on the AirPlay icon to display the AirPlay menu. If you don’t see the AirPlay icon, tap anywhere on the screen to display it.
  8. The AirPlay menu is displayed. Select your Apple TV from the list of devices to display your video on Apple TV.
  9. You can lock your iPhone or iPad to save battery life because it still works although you lock your iPhone or iPad.

How to Resolve Amazon Instant Video http Proxy Error on iPad

Do you have this amazon instant video http proxy error message: “Your internet connection is currently using an HTTP proxy, content playback is not supported when a proxy is configured” when you are trying to play amazon instant video on your iPad? This error message will not enable you to play Amazon Instant Video on your iPad, which is also needed if you want to beam the video to your Apple TV using AirPlay. No worry, you are about to read how to resolve amazon instant video http proxy error on iPad.

First, we need to understand that Amazon Instant Video is an Internet video on demand streaming service. You are unable to watch any movie or TV shows on your iPad if the error message above appears. Therefore, before we go any further to the tutorial below, we need to ensure that you are corrected all other possible errors like weak Wi-Fi signal, Low Connection Speed, etc. if you are sure with all other possible errors, continue to resolve the error with this simple step: go to your iPad Setting > Wi-Fi > your Wi-Fi > HTTP Proxy change from AUTO to OFF. That’s all you need to do to resolve the error. Now reopen your Amazon Instant video app and start playing the movie. Start the beam the video to your Apple TV using AirPlay, and enjoy the movies. In the next post, we have all steps we need to set up Apple TV screensaver with photos from your computer.

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