How to Put the Apple TV into Retail Demo Mode

How to Put the Apple TV into Retail Demo Mode

In accordance with Apple’s definition, Demo mode is a special setting that locks down many Apple TV settings to keep Apple TV “fresh” for each customer interaction. In addition to preventing changes to settings, any changes to the layout of apps on the Home screen will reset each time the Apple TV comes out of the screensaver.

Demo mode also allows us to play custom screensavers. You can see Demo Mode at an Apple TV while it is in an Apple Store or other big box retail store.
Apple TV offers two settings for demo mode, first is Apple Store demo mode and the other one is Channel demo mode. You can take advantage of Apple TV 4 secret menus to reveal these two demo modes. Here in this tutorial, we will show you how to enter Demo Mode on your own Apple TV.

How to get into retail Demo Mode on Apple TV

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on General menu and highlight About.
  3. Press the Play/Pause button 4 times in quick succession. You will be brought to a hidden Demo Settings screen.
  4. Click the Demo Mode panel and select Apple Store or Channel to set the retail demo mode type.
  5. Click Apply Changes to enable Demo Mode.

Demo mode allows configuration of a custom screensaver URL. Retail outlet could use this feature to brand or promote Apple TV while the device is idle. When the retail demo mode is enabled, the default screensaver for Demo Mode will display Apple’s marketing video in a loop. If you want to turn off demo mode, simply follow steps 1-4 and choose the Off option.

Demo mode enables you to do things like restrict video playback to a specific duration, locks down settings, and establish a custom screensaver asset URL. The URL will point to an Apple created screensaver that will download in the background and play after applying changes. When you put your Apple TV on a Demo Mode, the screensaver will repeatedly loop, just like what you can see at a retail store.

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